Where are you now?

On April 2021, I snapped: working a 9 to 5 isn't for me no matter how safe it is.
I'm gonna make it out of this... and build up hobbies I've been too lazy to polish.
Thinking about living a life that involves using your hands. I'm looking into treeplanting, a sort of craftsperson (sculpting/wood/blacksmith), foley artist, massage therapist, yoga teacher, voice actor...
I've also thought of really cranking at art since it's something I already do but don't know if the personal link to it would spoil working for people.
Too many ideas of what to do and be... It'd be cool to do them all.

Regarding hobbies, I want to learn how to use a HAM radio, build a website, tarot read, astral project... another mess of stuff.

Gotta figure out the process of starting all over and see what opportunities there are for everything. I'm gonna write down everything here as it happens so you can find out how to do what you wanna do too.

I'm excited to see what I become and learn along the way.


Dark night of the soul
Polymath/Multipotentiality: those who can't/don't want to specialize their life as one role

Personal progress:


Until then,