Nice to see you! I'm here to change up my habits.
Used to be on social media a lot and realized... it didn't get me engaged in anything.
I'm fixing online time from wasting it to buliding a site, exploring, learning and sharing what I like in a way that isn't a quick bite for attention.

The tabs on the homepage are some main interests.
I also enjoy nature (esp the beach), fashion and design (love y2k styling), radio, tarot... a lot of little things! I hope to share them sometime soon!

I've hopped around life so far to "Get your foot in the door! Play it safe and make good money!" And I DESPISE this life. I cracked April 2021 after another job hop and plan to get out of the rat race somehow.
I couldn't care less about title or status. I'm gonna live a simple life and finally enjoy living. Looking into avenues... Treeplanter? Craftsperson? Something that involves working with my hands.
I found out recently that I don't need a whole lot to be fulfilled and that we're made to think otherwise.
Slowly but surely getting rid of things/people/environments that don't better me in some way. It sure is a process...
All I know is I gotta stop playing it safe and being comfortable in my misery or else this life isn't worth living for anymore. I'm gonna document this change to inspire others feeling the same and to reference back to when I feel it's all impossible. It's all gonna happen!

OH, Here's a page explaining me in the form of pics (:

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon.

Go get what you truly want!